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Introducing our high-quality dental stone/plaster, the perfect solution for dentists who demand accuracy and precision in their dental models. Made from premium-quality gypsum material, our dental stone/plaster is designed to provide exceptional strength and durability, ensuring long-lasting and reliable results.


Our dental stone/plaster is ideal for creating dental models that accurately reflect the contours and dimensions of a patient's teeth and gums. It sets quickly and easily, allowing for fast and efficient workflow in any dental practice.


Our dental stone/plaster is easy to mix and pour, ensuring a smooth and consistent mixture every time. It also provides excellent detail reproduction, making it the perfect tool for creating precise and accurate dental models.


Whether you're creating models for crowns, bridges, or other dental prosthetics, our dental stone/plaster is the perfect choice for achieving the high-quality results your patients expect. Order now and see the difference in your models!

Plaster Stone

SKU: 01-102
1 Pound
  • Simply mix with water and pour into your dental impression tray, and our dental stone/plaster will set quickly and accurately, providing a smooth, hard surface that's easy to carve and shape. With a setting time of just 30-40 minutes, you'll be able to achieve precise results in no time.

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